Choosing a Reputable Pet Shop

So, you are thinking about adding a new fur baby to your family, but you also want to take proper measures to make sure your puppy comes from a reputable store/breeder.


We are aware that pet scams make up 35% of all online scams reported to google, and Doggie House Pet Shop is actively making its part to educate consumers and avoid falling victim to these.


Here are some guidelines that will help you choose the best pet shop.



  • A reputable pet shop should always be neat and clean (with the occasional exception of puppy accidents, Sh*t happens sometimes!).
  • The animal modules should be clean and properly lit.
  • A reputable pet shop will take proper measures in regards to their pets. Even though sometimes animals may get sick, there should not be an excess of sick animals on the sales floor, this is a huge red flag.
  • A good pet shop will be local, rather than a chain corporation. This not only ensures that the pets get a lot more quality time and socialization, but it also means that you will get 1 on 1 service at the time of your visit.
  • Local pet shops make sure they personally meet their breeders and suppliers.
  • Local shops also take into consideration the needs of their community instead of what is selling nationally, catering to their specific demographic.
  • You will find a space that is educational and honest when it comes to the buying process of your puppy, after all, we want our fur-babies to have the best life possible, and this includes giving the new fur parents a great head start.
  • A reputable pet shop will have a health guarantee in congenital and genetic diseases and will have their puppies vet checked as well as socialized.
  • It will display its Animal Services License. This not only guarantees that the pet shop complies with the standards and conditions to properly maintain puppies within their facilities, but it also means they get regularly inspected by the Animal Services.


  • Ask to see the puppy in person or by video chat before paying any money
  • Used verified payment methods.
  • Do your research on breed pricing and care. If a puppy is listed at a substantially low price, this is a major red flag.
  • Search online for the seller. Ask for the name and address, and do a quick online research. If the entity does not show up on a search, it is a major red flag.
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