Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Doggie House different?

Doggie House is a breeder owned and operated retail business. We proud ourselves to be the only breeders with a retail location bringing you the convenient opportunity to come and play with your favorite French or English Bulldog puppy before taking him home. We know our puppies inside and out ever since they are born, including a 24 hour surveillance during their lactation and weaning periods to make sure they are fed properly. We also know and have lived with their dads and moms for years, and feed, pamper them the way they deserve.

Why do you only offer French and English Bulldogs?

And this is precisely what makes us different. We just love and breathe these breeds the same way you do, and we are fully committed to preserve their traits.

Why do you see so little variety of French and English Bulldogs in other retail stores?

French and English Bulldog breeders pride themselves due to the effort it takes to breed these two breeds. This is the reason why breeders prefer to offer the puppies themselves instead of passing onto a retailer.

Why did you come with the idea of Doggie House?

We wanted to provide the future family of our puppies with a convenient location closer to them to come play with them, touch them, interact with them, have their kids play with them, and this is why we are starting to place retail stores across the USA to provide this opportunity. For those who cannot join us at our stores, we will continue to provide for them different options for delivery.

Why are French and English Bulldogs more expensive than other breeds?

Straight answer is scarcity and popularity. First, both French and English Bulldogs are constantly year after year within the top 5 most popular breeds in the USA, so you can imagine the demand it exists. Second, due to the difficulty and commitment it takes to raise these two breeds, there are not many breeders willing to breed them. The combination of these two factors play the biggest role on the pricing.

In addition to the above, there is a wide spectrum of colors to choose from when it comes to these breeds that also has an effect on the prices. An example of the more traditional colors are Fawn and Black on the Frenchies, and Brown and White on the English Bulldogs. More exotic colors include lilac and tan, lilac fawn, blue merle, choco merle, and lilac merle on the Frenchies; and black tri merle, blue tri merle, lilac tri merle on the English Bulldogs. Doggie House proudly carries a wide variety of colors including both the traditional and exotic colors.

What is the Isabella French Bulldog color everybody is talking about?

You must have a good taste to ask this question. This is the most exotic, scarce, and rarest color there is on the French Bulldog. It is the combination of the colors Blue and Chocolate, and that is why you would see a diluted combination of these two colors in it. Another way to describe it is like a liver-colored coat, but with a gray-blue hue to it. The Isabella color is also the most expensive French Bulldog there is.

These cute Frenchies and English Bulldogs got me at hello and I am ready to bring one home. What is the next step?

Great! Just get in touch with us and let us know if you can come and pick the puppy up at our store, or if you would rather we deliver it to you.

I am not ready to bring the puppy home yet. Can I reserve and schedule a later delivery or pick- up?

Absolutely! Please get in touch with us to reserve and coordinate delivery or pick-up. We constantly have new litters coming up every month so should be able to meet your dates very easily.

What do your puppies come with?

All of our puppies come with their health certificate and a complete and up to date vaccination record.

How to Choose a Reputable Pet Shop?

Great question! Since we know this is of great concern to people looking for a puppy, we have created a full page with recommendations and best practices on how to choose a reputable pet shop. You can read all about it here.

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